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Sjarfi, Djlantik & Partners (SDP) Law Firm is established by two senior lawyers in Jakarta, Indonesia, Asgar Sjarfi and Monny Aryadi Djlantik with the mission to assist others in need of legal service and ensure equality before the law to all Indonesians. Through their capabilities and skills that they acquired throughout the years of experience of corporate practice / transactional practice and litigation, the two named partners established Kantor Hukum Sjarfi, Djlantik & Partners (SDP), a full service law firm based in the Indonesia’s largest metropolitan city, Jakarta.


The combined skill set of Mr. Sjarfi and Mr. Djlantik and a senior team of associates with over 15+ years of experience of practicing law in Indonesia, the firm is aimed at providing the best legal services to across Indonesia.


SDP area of practices includes banking & finance, financial technology (FinTech), merger & acquisitions (M&A), foreign direct investment (FDI), startup, venture capital, private equity, tax law, property law, intelectual property law, criminal law, mediation, negotiation, government relations (GR), legal research, contract drafter and legal advice.


“Asgar Sjarfi and Monny Aryadi Djlantik are members of The Bar Association of Indonesia (PERADI | Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia), The Congress of Indonesian Advocates (KAI | Kongres Advokat Indonesia), and The Association of Legal Auditors of Indonesia (ASAHI | Asosiasi Auditor Hukum Indonesia)”


We are members of The Bar Association of Indonesia

Asgar Sjarfi
Managing Partner

Monny Aryadi Djlantik
Managing Partner

Dea Cheryna

Khristian Karamoy

Rayendra Aswandhana, SH.

Rayendra Aswandhana

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At Sjarfi, Djlantik & Partners Law Firm you will embark your career in the most dynamic career path. You will start as a junior associate and progress yourself based on your merits, and skills that you have acquired. For those interested in an internship program, SDP opens an internship program that will provide you real world experience on a array of legal cases and matters.