Rayendra Aswandhana, SH.

Rayendra Aswandhana SH.,CIIF


Rayendra Aswandhana, SH., CIIF, is one of the Associates of SJARFI, DJLANTIK & PARTNERS who handles various legal cases such as criminal / criminal cases, corruption, criminal acts by the military, civil, debt – receivables, drug abuse, inheritance disputes, marriage, legalization unregistered marriage, divorce, domestic violence (KDRT), adoption of children, buying and selling land, state administrative disputes (TUN disputes), corporate cases, business disputes, handling of company receivables, cases of financial institutions & financial institutions (Finance), cases of taxation, citizenship & immigration, employment cases, medical malpractice, employment / labor cases, industrial relations disputes (PHI), banking cases, Export Import, handling bad loans, execution of mortgage & fiduciary rights, mergers, acquisitions & company consolidation, insurance claims , and others.

Email : rayendra@sdplaw.co.id